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Pre-Paid Metering

No Deposits! No Late/Disconnect Fees!

For members struggling with traditional payment options, VEA offers Pre-Paid Metering. Under this program, members can pay as finances allow, in the amounts they want. Instead of receiving a paper bill each month, usage is calculated and billed daily. Any active pre-paid member will never pay a late charge, disconnect or reconnect charge or a deposit. Pre-Paid metering accounts are self-managed so they fit any budget. Members can pre-pay for just enough energy to last until payday or they can pre-pay a balance to last several months. There is no deposit required to set up a Pre-Paid Metering account.

Current members may switch to a Pre-Paid Metering account by applying any outstanding deposit toward their balance. Pre-Paid Metering accounts do not receive monthly bills. If your Pre-paid Metering account balance falls below 5 days of estimated usage, you will be notified via e-mail. When the account balance drops to $0 the power will be shut off, but power can be re-energized by paying any outstanding balance and re-establishing the $25 minimum credit balance. Payments may be made online, over phone or in-person at VEA offices. An in-home energy usage monitor is available with a secured equipment deposit. You may also track your usage online.


  • New members need $120 to start the program ($10 membership fee, $60 connect fee, & a $50 initial credit balance).
  • Existing VEA members must pay their account current to the day they start the program. These members will still need the $50 beginning credit balance. Any existing deposit can be applied to the credit balance or returned.
  • Members must sign a Pre-Paid Metering contract.

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