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Operation Round Up

How Does it Work?

Valley Electric Association, Inc. (VEA) implemented an exciting program called Operation Round Up ®. This program is a cooperative approach to "people helping people in need".Operation Round Up image

How does Operation Round Up ® work? Electric bills of participating members are "rounded up" to the next whole dollar each month, and the extra cents go into the Operation Round Up ® Fund. Monthly contributions can range from 1 cent to 99 cents; most monthly contributions average 50 cents.

The Valley Electric Association Board of Trustees, comprised of VEA members and employees who serve on a voluntary basis, disburse the funds to worthwhile local community projects. The funds are provided to organizations and agencies that  provide assistance for education, culture, health and safety, emergency needs, food, shelter, clothing, charities, and economic development.

The Operation Round Up ® program is a great initiative which demonstrates "concern for community". By pooling their pocket change, electric cooperative members around the country are making a positive difference in many lives.

Donations will help fund Community Service, Education and Youth, and the Environment. Funds will be distributed throughout the VEA service territory.


Would you like to Donate?

Contact Valley Electric Association's Marketing Department

Download the Operation Roundup Enrollment Form and Fax it to (775) 727-6320 or Call the Marketing Department at (775) 727-5312.

Looking for help?

Download the Application for an Organization

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